Over the past three decades, marketing careers in professional service companies have matured from the occasional oddity or necessary evil to integral positions within companies of all sizes. The profession has matured significantly, with broad appreciation of and desire to have the skills of professional marketers-strategic analysis and development, written and spoken communications, brand management, business development-within A/E/C companies.

But how many marketers have risen to the highest levels of company management, and have become leaders-both within their companies and in the broader community-representing the core visions and missions of their companies?

Becoming that leader, that voice, is what this program is about. The class is not so much about how to rise on the career ladder or advance title or pay; it is about how marketers can become catalysts for growth within their company and themselves become an integral part of the fundamental operations. The class is about understanding personalities, yourself, and how to work expertly with others to their success and yours.

In a word: this class is about how to become leaders. The content will address two areas of competency:

Leading yourself: skills and attitudes you can use within yourself to become a leader
  • being a professional, a business person
  • understanding the technical/operational core of the company
  • creating support and energy in yourself and from your community

Leading the group: how to work with others in your firm
  • becoming an expert at collaboration and working with people
  • setting vision and motivating others
  • managing the group dynamic and making it work for you