Continuous Client Care is more than a client maintenance program: it is a philosophy that integrates a client care culture firm-wide, and helps merge "marketing" concepts with the traditional core of "design" and "project management." This class addresses this complex subject with both the big picture - industry trends driving client care programs, understanding customer values, training and sensitizing professional staff - and lots of specific details of client maintenance, client perception, and client service programs.

Specific components of the class include:
  • Why customers are the core of company success
  • How to learn what clients care about
  • The difference between client interaction and a true client relationship
  • Which "care" techniques are meaningful to clients
  • How to build a "client careful" environment in your firm and train your staff
  • How to make this continuous and seamless with technical service delivery
  • Examples of client reconnaissance and relationship-building techniques

This class covers philosophy and specifics. It helps attendees understand how to use individual program tools, identify new activities, and make the most of tools they already have.